9th April 2018


As a group, Sunpower Group Holdings Ltd have built their reputation on delivering knowledge and trusted solutions into a wide range of market sectors. Each of our entities focuses on different services but with a joint goal of delivering efficiency, performance and new technologies to exceed our customer’s expectations.

sunpower-uk.com – Sunpower Electronics Ltd are a power supply solutions provider renowned for its expertise in industrial power solutions. They are here to offer advise, design, customisation and manufacturing solutions for power supplies within a wide range of industrial applications.

powerled.uk.com – PowerLed (UK) Ltd are┬átrusted and expert suppliers of LED power solutions and commercial LED lighting. In an age where price can be king we have remained true to ourselves and ensured that our quality and reliability are the prominent factors when it comes to choosing a LED lighting product.

meanwelldirect.co.uk – As the 1st and longest standing distributor for the UK and Ireland we offer a dedicated resource to the full range of MEAN WELL power supplies, battery chargers and inverters. Keeping you abreast of the latest product releases.

powersuppliesonline.co.uk – Power Supplies Online is our e-commerce site to service the power supply requirements of small businesses and hobbyists; the expected service is still available with dedicated sales support, but with the option to obtain pricing and complete the sale online.

powerledtechnologysolutions.com – PowerLed Technology Solutions is our newest venture; offering Power Electronics solutions.